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Precious Prize to Ottawa

18 Sep

Every now and again, we’re happy to highlight great comments we get from our visitors, so please consider this guest post from Susan Pottery, who was the lucky winner of our CBC’s Q contest this spring. Susan was gracious enough to send us the following emails and images, which are beautiful, by the way.  Thanks, Susan – come back any time!


As summer comes to a close I am thinking of the wonderful time that I had in Ottawa thanks to Ottawa Tourism. Spring in Vancouver had been particularly cool and rainy this year so escaping to Ottawa for two weeks was incredible. Sitting on the patio at a restaurant in the market late in the evening was particularly memorable. I couldn’t believe how warm it was, almost tropical.

To be in Ottawa for Canada Day was remarkable. I felt very patriotic watching the fireworks from the Ottawa River. I also felt particularly lucky to be staying at the Arc Hotel during the Jazz Festival and thoroughly enjoyed the after hours music at the hotel. All in all it was a wonderful visit that left a lasting impression on me and my sister. Please pass on my thanks to the rest of the staff. I have attached some photos that we took. Ottawa is such a beautiful city and very photogenic.

Thanks again! Susan Pottery



Eric McCormack on Canada’s Money

29 Jun

Canadian actor Eric McCormack takes some time out of his day to weigh in on some serious issues — like why Canadian money makes him feel like a pirate.  To see the rest of Eric’s brand new videos about Canadian culture and identity, head over to  It’s all part of a great new campaign all about spreading some of our trademark Canadian humour south of the border.



Ottawa’s Largest Theatre Festival – Welcome to the Fringe

21 Jun

Free performances at the Fringe Courtyard!

Hungry for some theatre? This week, Ottawa’s largest theatre festival rolled into town, and with it comes a healthy serving of comedy, drama, musicals, and dance spread across a buffet of over 50 shows running until Sunday, June 24th.  The Ottawa Fringe Festival takes place in the city’s Downtown Rideau neighbourhood, and gives independent writers, directors and actors a fantastic showcase to perform across a variety of unique venues.

Theatregoers are known to have discerning tastes; at the Fringe, that means a healthy taste for drinks and food, courtesy of the fine folks at the Fringe Courtyard, the festival’s go-to destination for beer, wine, cider and a variety of delectable foods, all served up in a relaxing outdoor environment next to Arts Court on Daly Ave.  Hit the Courtyard in the evenings, and you’ll be treated to free performances, play previews, and live comedy shows – as well as a chance to mingle with other Fringers, and chat with the stars and producers of a number of shows.

For a full list and schedule of the performances this weekend, click here. Tickets are available online, and on location at each show’s venue.

Happy Fringing!



Will and Kate in Ottawa – Canada Day 2011

30 Jun
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Exclusive pictures of Will and Kate’s first day in Canada’s Capital.

Ottawa’s marketing gets a gold star

12 Nov

Our lovely award statuette. We're told that it's made from one solid piece of diamond.

Heading to Deerhurst Resort is its own reward. The absolutely stunning Muskoka surroundings make for a great venue for the annual Ontario Tourism Summit. After a number of great speakers covering off topics including areas like digital marketing, accessibility, and cooperation between Ontario’s many tourism destinations, we couldn’t be feeling much better, considering a glance outside filled the eyes with a serenely beautiful view of Peninsula Lake.

What really put a feather in our cap was taking home two trophies at that evening’s OTMPC Awards Gala, hosted by Toronto’s always-charming Kevin Frankish.  The award for Best Tourism Advertising encompassed our efforts over 2009, including print, radio, television and online.  You can see one of the winning spots below.

Next came the Culinary Tourism Leadership Award, honouring Savour Ottawa’s efforts in turning Ottawa into a legitimate culinary destination.

Our enormous thanks go to all the partners who make Ottawa the fantastic destination it is for tourists! If you don’t mind, we’re going to go bite down on our award statuettes now–we’re told they’re made of pure 24K gold.

Ottawa Gets its Festivals Badge

27 Sep

In Ottawa, we love our Festivals.  Whatever the season, Ottawans are always willing to break the routine and head out to celebrate — and that won’t ever change.

But it’s always nice to get noticed.

So you can imagine how tickled we were when The International Festivals and Event Association (IFEA) decided to pin a very nice badge to our lapel: recognition as a 2010 IFEA World Festival and Event City.

Specifically, the award honours Ottawa’s continued commitment to fostering an extremely positive environment in which unique and creative events can blossom.  IFEA president Steven Wood Schmader explains it best, in the following quote, courtesy of the IFEA official site:

“The IFEA is pleased to recognize and fly the flag of those cities and markets who have worked, through concerted efforts, to provide an environment conducive to successful festivals and events,” said IFEA president Steven Wood Schmader during the presentations. “Through this award, the IFEA hopes to create a dialogue between events and cities around the world, at a time when each needs to be supporting the other more than ever. The quality of all the entries paints a bright picture for our industry and those cities recognized with this award are helping to build a strong foundation and example that we hope all cities, globally, will work to emulate.”

Flashmobs – An Ottawa Tradition?

21 Sep

This past Saturday afternoon, folks out for a stroll or sipping an afternoon beer on the ByWard Market’s picturesque William St. were treated to the following impromptu performance of the pivotal final dance number from Napoleon Dynamite, set to Jamiroquai’s Canned Heat:

The flashmob, organized by a collection of both trained and novice dancers, took place outside the market’s popular Sugar Mountain candy store, and as you can see in the video below, drew a sizable crowd of spectators.  But if you think this kind of thing is new in Ottawa, you may be surprised to know that after a bit of searching on Youtube, I discovered that the Capital is developing quite a burgeoning pedigree when it comes to spur-of-the-moment public group numbers. For history’s sake, I’ve taken the liberty of compiling a few of the YouTube examples I found kicking around.

This one left more than a few bypassers tightening up their coat collars for warmth. Jump to around 1:16 to get a bit of a laugh from a young witness:

And our popular Cisco Ottawa Bluesfest was home to a impromptu staff-organized performance to AC/DC:

Sure, we may just be getting our feet wet when compared to until we’re quite ready to compete with video below, but I know that the good people of Ottawa are up for a challenge. Keep ’em coming!